inspiration for today…

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Curtains for Charity

These fabulous curtains were made from purposed fabrics. Old shower curtains, and a goodwill sheer panel. I used my aunts sewing corner, since I’m living out of my suitcase, so to speak. Doing projects for other people as a thank you for letting me stay with them is highly rewarding. Why can’t we use the barter system more often? It does wonders for your soul.

Pixie hat turned berry

Ok! So this is my first attempt at the Pixie hat pattern. It’s really supposed to be cone shaped, but I don’t have the right size needles for the decrease, so it turned out more like a berry. I still think its cute, so I made a bigger one for me! I used the same technique, and I heard someone comment today that I had an ‘archie’ beanie. Too cute.

My first ‘little one’ bear hat.

Pink ears make this little guy special. This is the first using the pink in the ears! I LOVE it. What do you think?

Inspiration from auntie

imageThis is from a book that my Aunt has. I loved the graphical feel of this bracelet. It’s something I could make. “mental note, make this someday”

Art blogging101

I need to post inspiring things that I find. For now I’m starting with my most recent creation (although this is my second attempt at the pattern)

Pixie hat. My friend got me a new pattern book, but not realizing that it was all knitting projects, and me only knowing crochet. Alas I must learn a new craft now! So I started with a cast on. I had no idea that there was more than one way to do this… ack! What to do? I checked out a local yarn store and sure enough, their were some grannies there who showed me their way, and then whipped out a knitting encyclopaedia.”this way is best for stretch”, she told me. So onward ho! My next stop was the bargain bookstore. Success! I found a really sweet book for 4 bucks. Sadly I can’t do any of the projects yet, but it inspires me to teach myself more. Well, I think I’ve got the knit stitch down. What do you think?