Faceplate made of paper.

First, cut out about 1/2 inch overhang around faceplate.
Place plate on paper print side facing you. And plate back to you.Cut “x” in each of the switch holes, taking care to cut directly in corners. Turn paper over so print side is down.
Score around each hole lightly, and fold them in.

I found that cutting a triangle shape out of the corner works best for the best coverage of the corner. It takes a little more work to get everything to lay flat, but just keep working the Mod Podge to soften the paper. Just be careful not to tear the paper in the process.


Next I used glue, but I found that you really don’t need the glue if you use plenty of Mod Podge. I only used it for longevity of the paper adhesion.

imageMake sure to cover the flaps too.


Place plate on glued paper and turn all sides in. Try to mold the paper to the plate, you can use fingernails to crease things in place.






Clip all edges with bull clips and let dry completely.

Next step: Modge Podge




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