Wine cork for mini planters

So, I discovered this wonderful internet site that works like old school magazine idea books. Goodness knows i have lots of those and just can’t bear to part with any of them. It’s called pinterest. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. The only drawback is that once you post.something it belongs to them. That’s how they get around copyright infringement. So I choose only to post one image of what inspires me from my own collection.

Today I made these cute little planters out of pressco corks. I can’t take credit.for the idea, because I did find the image on pinterest. But I can for.making them into magnets and putting them on a magnetic picture frame. Here’s the.images.


I drilled holes infuse cork for dirt, and two small holes in the backside.for tiny cylinder magnets. They.have to be.reaaly strong. When making the magnet holes, I used a piece of green masking tape to mark how deep to drill, on the drill but itself. Keep.your hands away,.as the flapping tape can



Fun aren’t they? They will also any corner that has been covered in metal, like in my bathroom.

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